Extratile Ceiling


About Extratile Ceiling

Aluminium ExtraTile Ceiling, perforated
squared and rectangled ceiling
with Non-Woven Sheet can be keep
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Aluminium Extratile Ceiling

About Extratile Ceiling

Aluminium Interior Ceiling - Extratile


ExtraTile Aluminium Ceiling standard size 600 x 600 mm. and 600 x 1200 mm. / 0.7 mm. thickness. Perforated squared and rectangled with non-woven sheet, light weight and can
be keep the coolness in the room and without termitrs and pungi

Aluminium ExtraTile Ceiling coated with Roller Coil Coating, makes material has consistantly and beautiful color. Can be apply with various building styles such as, private resident, office, public building and etc.


Save Energy, Save Cost the economical price Aluminium ceiling. When the user turn on an air conditioner, ExtraTile Ceiling will constant room cooling level, makes an air
conditioner not work overload and also filter the heat from roof, makes energy saving.

Healthy User and Residents pros of Aluminium features are anti-rust, easy cleaning, no mold and without termite problem./span>

Light Weight compared with gypsum ceiling, the ExtraTile – Ceiling’s weightis 2 times lighter and long lasting with no corrode.


A Renovation of Architecture and Building.

ExtraTile Ceiling is an alternative choice for interior ceiling and this is an important part for decorative and usage. ExtraTile Ceiling was developed from normal ceiling to the ultramodern aluminium ceiling for more beautiful and useful.

Product Detail

Aluminium Interior Ceiling - Extratile

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