Tile Ceiling


About Tile Ceiling

Squared shape ceiling in
non-perforated and perforated
with innovation of sound absorption
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Aluminium Tile Ceiling

About Tile Ceiling

Squared shape Aluminium ceiling “Tile Ceiling” in non-perforated and perforated in various pattern with SoundTex for sound absorption. Easy intall with 3 styles installation such as; Clip-In System, Spring Lock System and Hook On System with beautiful line cause of butt joint and groove styles.


Save Energy, Save Cost the economical price Aluminium ceiling. When the user opens an air conditioner, Tile Ceiling will constant room cooling level, makes an air conditioner not work overload and also filter the heat from roof, makes energy saving.

Healthy User and Residents pros of Aluminium features are anti-rust, easy cleaning, no mold and without termite problem.

Light Weight compared with gypsum ceiling, the Tile Ceiling’s weight is 2 times lighter and long lasting with no corrode.

Why to Choose

 Light Weight
 Eco Friendly
 Easy Installation
 High Durability


Clip-In System

ระบบการติดตั้งแบบ Clip-In

Spring Lock System

ระบบการติดตั้งแบบ Spring Lock

Hook On System

ระบบการติดตั้งแบบ Hook On