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Perforated metal for architecture
design. Can be apply for interior and
exterior. An various optional
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About Perforating Metal

Perforated - Aluminium


simple building decoration But still the attractiveness of Perforating Metal architecture is another alternative to being Building decoration materials that have a variety of styles that designers can use, such as decorative facade work, ceiling work. building interior work Building exterior blinds, railing work and other works for beauty and benefit the users of the building sheet metal drilling especially the Aluminium material


Architecture and building decoration with experience in sheet metal drilling And the selection of the main material for drilling, stenciling, metal work, “Aluminium” has properties that provide surface tension. Beautiful, strong, durable, does not rust, suitable for drilling, stenciling, building decoration. that can be used both outside and inside the building or can be used in a variety of formats
M.V.P. Four Stars Company Limited is a leader in creative design.Aluminium panel for building decoration Entering the 5th decade with awareness of business conditions and today’s society that needs speed and flexibility Every material of the company must have quality standards. Combined with the beauty that can reflect the beautiful image of the architecture valuable.

Product Detail

Perforating - Metal

> Example of panel assembly FACADE PERFORATED – ALUMINIUM
> Positioning of MAIN STEEL and SUPPORT STEEL
workpiece mounting system The company will have a period in laying out a rough project according to the company’s standards. for strength in adhering to the main structure The distance depends on the aesthetics and suitability that allows less wasted resources in the use of materials.