Our Story

The 5th Decade of
Architectural Aluminium Leader


Creating the Future,
Creating Together

Our work is driven by modern innovations and technologies. Committed to creating the architecture of the future under international quality standards with experience of over 40 years.

A Modern Innovation
to Innovate Design

We drive the world of architecture creativity with modern innovations and technologies that evolve all the time, from the production mechanism to installation to be distinctive identity architecture. Moreover, we care about our intention to Make the Future Green Design.

Our Team

We always increase service standards and improve the skills of all personnel to satisfy customers’ satisfaction. Our work under a family-like working environment causes love and unity within the organization. As well as regularly recruit and create innovation and technology to meet market demands and international standards.

Our Commitment

To be a leader in ArchitecturalAluminium nosiness with a commitment to continuous improvement, and innovation toward an international standard